Automated Invoice Data Capture just got a whole lot smarter!

Gemina is an easy-to-use API, that utilizes state-of-the-art Invoice OCR technology, powered by innovative Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.


Many financial and accounting services use manual data-entry to process invoices, as well as other financial documents. This repetitive approach is tedious, slow, error-prone, and most importantly - expensive.


So far, other solutions have failed to cross the necessary threshold to deliver sufficient value: They were able to provide an average extraction-accuracy. In other words, they managed to process only around 60% of each document. That left a lot of unfinished manual work for your employees.


Gemina’s smart technology elevates the system to new heights and can successfully extract over 85% of your invoice data. It harnesses the power of revolutionary algorithms that are normally used by advanced translation services, and have been adjusted to provide intelligent data-capture.


Receive scanned Invoices or other Financial Documents from your customers. 

Receive scanned invoices


Send the invoice image or pdf to the Gemina API

(upload / image-url).

Upload Invoice


Receive back the invoice-data

(json / straight to your accounting software).

Recieve Invoice Data

How It Works

Streamline Data Extraction
from your Financial Documents