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Automated Invoice
Data Capture

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Gemina is an Invoice OCR, that extracts data from your invoices and other financial documents.
This developer-friendly API helps accounting services to automate Data Entry with phenomenal accuracy.

Sample Invoice

Main Features

Powerful AI

Powerful AI

Our innovative Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Engine is the most accurate in Hebrew.
It captures over 85% of the invoice data correctly.

Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable

Our technology was designed with high-workloads in minds.
You can upload thousands of invoices, without risking data-loss.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Our API is simple, flexible, and easy-to-implement. In just a few minutes, you can integrate Gemina to your code and start uploading invoices.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenues

Increase Revenues

Scale you business by multiplying your processing efficiency and expand your operation.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Spend less by continuing to process the same amount of documents, only with less resources.

Save Time

Save Time

Save valuable time by freeing up resources and focus on what's important for your business.

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Rami Gabai Green Invoice

Gemina has provided us with a great way to streamline invoice-processing and improve the overall user experience. With close to 90% accuracy, it saves our users time and effort, and increases customer satisfaction.

Rami Gabai,

CTO at Green Invoice

Green Invoice Logo
Green Invoice Logo
Eliran Zamir WeBenefit

I was a little sceptic at first, but it didn’t take me long to realize that Gemina delivered on its promise. We see high success rates and quick response times that make our users very happy. The results were way beyond anything that I could have expected.

Eliran Zamir

CEO at Webenefit

WeBenefit Logo
Barak Ben Horin UCan2

We use Gemina as an Invoice OCR for our accounting service. This tool solves the need for time-consuming data-entry for our users, and helps to increase satisfaction levels.

Integration was easy and most importantly - fast, thanks to the Gemina team 24/7 support. Kudos!

Barak Ben Horin

CTO at UCan2

UCan2 Logo
Keren Peleg KPSL

Gemina is an indispensable tool in the firm’s toolbox. It relieves us from the overhead of data-entry, and allows our bookkeepers to focus on what’s important. The benefits for our business are significant.

Keren Peleg

Partner at KPSL

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Say Goodbye to Data Entry

Let Gemina handle the process for you.
Our top-notch Deep Learning technology can accurately extract over 85% of your invoice data.

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